Do you have an ambitious goal? Need a road map?


From our 15+ years of experience launching over 4 non-profit organizations, 2 businesses, 1 department, and working on various political and issue-based campaigns, we have designed 6 WBC exclusive Strategic Plans to get you there:

Branding Strategic Plan

Keep your branding succinct. Hold yourself accountable with our Branding Strategic Plan.


Marketing Strategic Plan

Analyze your marketing: traditional and digital. Figure out what are your next steps?

Culture Strategic Plan

Culture, it’s the invisible force that makes your organizational wheels turning. How do you transform your organizational culture?

Operations Strategic Plan

Expanding or scaling your business or non-profit organization? How will your organization will operate?

Model Strategic Plan

Business or non-profit? Product or service? How do you monetize your idea?

Funding Strategic Plan

Self-funding, internal rate of return, or family and friends? What’s your Funding Strategic Plan?

No one else offers strategic plans in

Branding, Marketing, Culture, Operations, Model, and Funding.


Similar to our Assessments, our Strategic Plans include an additional 20-30 pages to get your business or non-profit organization headed in the right direction.

Normally most business owners pay up to $15,000 for one plan.

@WomensBizCoop we can help you achieve your goals through our DIY strategic planning process at a more reasonable cost.


Ever wondered if coaching is right for you?

Learn more about what coaching is, your return on investment, and why everyone benefits from having a coach in their lives.

Sherpa Coaching 2016 Corporate Culture Survey

The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey

What Makes a Leader? by Daniel Goleman

MetrixGlobal Study: 689% Return on Investment in Executive Coaching

The Chief Strategy Officer by R. Timothy S. Breene, Paul Nunes, Walter E. Shill

Manchester Group Study on Coaching ROI

Pull the Plug on Stress by Bruce Cryer, Rollin McCraty, and Doc Childre



Need additional assistance?

Check out our #ChiefStratOfficer Packages:

Strategic Planning Made Easy.

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