24 Hours Left Apply By Midnight EST

24 Hours Left Apply By Midnight EST

Dear Last Minute Leader,

Life can come at you fast when you’ve only got 24 hours each day to make IT happen.

That includes coming to Bali, Indonesia for some major R&R ~ Rest & Relaxation.

There’s 2 sessions: #1 starting Sunday 12/17 OR #2 beginning on Wednesday 12/27.

So what’s holding you back from living your best life yet?

Um, you, unless you APPLY NOW.

If you are really feeling that you are called to go, we sincerely hope that you do the right thing for YOU and click Apply by midnight EST.

Answer the call and let’s journey to the other side of the world!

Looking forward to seeing you smile in person at Chief Strategy Officer Retreats!

Love and Light,

Judi & the Imagine Team
Top Woman Innovator, Award-Winning Certified Professional Coach & Business Consultant
“Be the leader that you seek…Love a better world.”

More Strategic Planning Made Easy at: www.chiefstratofficer.com
Who is Judi Rhee Alloway? at: www.judirheealloway.com

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