Pen Network

Do you need knowledgeable advice on how to build your organization?

Have you hit a brick wall after launching your non-profit or business?

Do you want to connect with other mentors?

Womentoring Program is a personalized learning program for leaders who already launched their organizations.

Take 3 courses in 3 months on strategic planning, marketing, and effective leadership:


Strategic Planning: Solve Organizational Problems


Marketing: Realize Untapped Sources of Revenue & Funding

Effective Leadership: Manage Your Team & Support Your People Better

During the course, your Womentor will check in on you and your progress twice a month at your convenience for a 30 minute Abundance Coaching or Business Consulting session.

After completion of the Womentoring Program, the Womentor is eligible for 0% $5,000 loan.

Network with 1.6 million potential customers, partners and funders.


Investment: $500 plus transaction fees ($517.00)

Complete the application


6 Keys to Successful #Womentoring Skills

Accountability Commit the time and effort necessary to establish and maintain a relationship of quality;

Honor agreed-to protocol;

Take responsibility for your personal success.

Commitment Create a collaborative and professional relationship.
Communication Share needs and expectation;

Provide constructive feedback.

Contribution Work together to develop goals and plans to realize those goals.
Receptivity Listen and be open.
Responsiveness Carefully plan and schedule time together. Avoid cancellations;

Show appreciation;

Be prepared for the meeting and be on time;

Follow up on commitments.

*Check with your accountant to see if the cost of the #Womentoring program is tax-deductible.