DISC & Learners Assessments + Individual Debrief + Group Coaching


Product Description

Our most popular assessment and the world’s #1 behavioral profiling tool. DISC provides a highly
detailed analysis of each individual’s Natural (i.e. personal/ internal) and Adaptive (i.e. workplace/
external) behavioral styles. A person’s behavior is often the strongest predictor of fit; whether that be
within a particular job, as the member of a team or as the leader of an organization. In essence, DISC
predicts “How?” a person will behave in a given role or situation. Likewise, it offers the prescriptive
lessons necessary to maximize the outcome of any interpersonal or workplace communication.

The fifth and final core assessment, Learning Styles, does just as its name implies: it identifies each
individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information. Some people like to process
information through text, while others need visual support and images. Some learners best assimilate
information alone, while others prefer to work in groups. There are those who can grasp information
intuitively, while others prefer to follow a strong sequential path. In short, understanding learning styles
offers the key to maximizing an organization’s training efficiencies, enlightening its management teams
and even assembling top performing teams.

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