Are You Playing with a House of Cards?

Are You Playing with a House of Cards?

Dear Aspiring and Current Leader,

How’s your funding situation?

These days leaders scribble a couple of notes on a napkin and pivot until they make it or their organizational idea fails. They are flying by the seat of their pants and wonder why their best laid out plans on a napkin went up in flames.

Many leaders don’t write a #BankableBusinessPlan.

What’s 5 differences between a napkin and a #BankableBusinessPlan?

    1. Structure

    2. Timelines

    3. Marketing Strategy

    4. Viable Business Model

    5. Financials

And the most important difference is you can hand #BankableBusinessPlan to a funder!

With a napkin you can only hand her a plate or something to drink.

You can continue to put out fires in your House of Napkins or get yourself help that you need from 6 experts on Marketing, Accounting, Legal, Websites, Operations, and Funding for your business idea to succeed.

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Learn from 6 experts to write a #BankableBusinessPlan.

We hope to help you! Thank you for helping us reach our goal more than 1,000 organizations.

Yours in service,


Judi and the Imagine Team

Top Woman Innovator, Award-Winning Certified Professional Coach & Business Consultant
“Be the leader that you seek… Love a better world.”

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