Is Your Vision Spot On or Missing the Mark?

Is Your Vision Spot On or Missing the Mark?

Dear Aspiring & Current Leader,

What’s your vision of your life and organization?

Many leaders that I’ve met and consulted for the past 13 years say that their vision is more freedom and more money than working a regular job.  Most of the time their day-to-day looks like more hours and more headaches. Many say, “I don’t know how to get it all done.”

What is the vision of your life and organization?

Spot ON            OR            Missing the Mark

target board

In Step 2, we talk about the unconscious blocks that are stopping you from living the ideal vision of your business. Often wounds, traumas, and limiting beliefs come from childhood and younger – but they repeat themselves unconsciously your entire life.

Hard to notice, it’s like a fish swimming in a fish bowl. You can’t jump to another fish bowl without the help of a professional that can help you see your blocks.

Here’s what past clients had to say after working with me:

“Oh my god, I didn’t even know that I was doing that. I didn’t even have words for it.”

C., Morrisville, PA

“No you didn’t. I wish I met you 50 years earlier. You could have saved me decades of mistakes.”

K., Lambertville, NJ

“I’ve been thinking about you and our session.  Since that day, I cleared a block that I’ve had for years and it seems like everything is flowing right, or should I say, I’m able to move with the flow of life.  Some opportunities have surfaced since then, 1. I’m in demand and people want to hire me (work for someone else again, arghhh! But I’m in demand, why not share myself?) and 2. Clients want to start paying. I know your coaching is effective and I am making sure that I have cleared the path to go on this journey.”

P., Philadelphia, PA

Throughout this process in Step #2, we are working on our vision of our lives and our organizations, generating new ideas, and brainstorming strategies for our Executive Summary.

When’s the last time you had a chance to review your Executive Summary?

Take 5 minutes today to write down your Executive Summary.

Don’t have yours handy? Use our Executive Summary template.

Schedule a free 15 minute Executive Summary assessment.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal more than 1,000 organizations.

We hope to help you live a life of abundant success!

Yours in Service,


Judi & the Imagine Team

Top Woman Innovator, Award-Winning Certified Professional Coach & Business Consultant
“Be the leader that you seek… Love a better world.”

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