What are you Doing?

Do what you need to get your organization up and running

I have an idea or a business, how do I know what steps to take?

Strategic Planning

How can we leverage our brand?

How can we optimize out marketing?

How can we change our organizational culture?

What can we do to improve our operations?

What can we do to fine tune our business model?

What other sources of funding are there?

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I have an existing business, where can I get executive advice without paying for another employee?

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

I’m burnt out by my business.

Sales are lagging. Revenue is declining. Morale is down.

I need additional help, but I don’t want to hire another person.

How do I get to the next level without the expense of another full-time employee?

#ILead Scholarship Fund

Students Thank You

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Strategy Consulting

How can you get your business to the level you desire?

If you can’t turn to your employees, partner or Board, who can you talk to honestly about what’s going?

Why haven’t you reached your business goals?

Who has your back during the ups and downs?

What can help you get to next level?

Who can you turn to give objective advice?

Who can connect you to other people to help you?

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