Why haven’t you reached your ambitious goal? Why isn’t your plan working?


“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.” Sun Tzu, Art of War

No one else offers strategic plans in Branding, Marketing, Culture, Operations, Model, and Funding.

Similar to our Assessments, our Strategic Plans include an additional 20-30 pages to get your business or non-profit organization headed in the right direction.

Normally most business owners or non-profit leaders pay up to $15,000 for one plan.

@WomensBizCoop we can help you achieve your goals through our DIY strategic planning process at a more reasonable cost.

 1. Individual Reports:

  • Know your strengths and areas of improvement as a leader.

  • Build high-performance teams based on self-development and a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Create an engaged and learning culture with lower turnover.

  • Implement better systems.

Want to learn more about our Individual Assessments? Read about them here.


Ever wondered if coaching is right for you?

Learn more about what coaching is, your return on investment, and why everyone benefits from having a coach in their lives.

What Makes a Leader? by Daniel Goleman

Deloitte Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015

Sherpa Coaching 2016 Corporate Culture Survey

The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey

MetrixGlobal Study: 689% Return on Investment in Executive Coaching

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 2. Group Reports:

  • Discover your strengths as a team and uncover areas of improvement.

  • Learn to develop yourselves as a group and foster a culture of self-improvement.

  • Create an engaged and learning culture with lower turnover.

  • Implement better systems.

3. WBC Exclusive Strategic Plans: exclusive 6 main types of strategic plans for businesses and non-profits to see your whole picture of your new or existing organization.

  • Examine your idea or current organization in the 6 following areas: Branding, Marketing, Culture, Operations, Model and Funding.

  • Learn who is the best fit at your organizational Culture and how to work better in your Operations.

  • Promote your organization better through consistent Branding and agile Marketing funnels.

  • Discover why your Model and Funding streams aren’t working.



Insight on what’s going on? Consider an Individual Debrief.


Hoping that your group will work better? Schedule an Individual Debrief plus get everyone on board with a Group Report and Group Coaching.


Make your victory by investing in our Individual, Organizational, and WBC Exclusive Strategic Plans today!

1. Individual Reports

After taking our Individual Assessments, understand what’s stopping you in our Individual Reports that can be tailored in the following: Sales, Leadership, Coaching, Service, and 360.

Combining more than one Assessment Reports helps you to figure out more of why it’s so difficult to reach your goals.

2. Group Reports

Infighting? Politics? Why isn’t your team working well together? Finally see why not matter what you do, why your group isn’t a highly productive, continuously learning culture innovating new solutions.

See it all in black and white explained in Group Reports and Graphs for DISC, Motivators, and Sales IQ Assessments.

3. Individual Report with Individual Debrief

Got your Individual Assessment? Looking for an in-depth written explanation? Purchase an Individual Report. Schedule a 60 minute Individual Debrief to figure out why you are so stressed out and not hitting your goals.

4. Group Reports with CEO Debrief

Received your Group Reports? Scratching your head to make sense of it all. Get your CEO Debrief to make sense of why your group isn’t reaching it’s potential.

5. Individual Reports with Individual Debrief & Group Coaching

Ready to get your team on the same page? Purchase an Individual Assessment: Specialty DISC, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence, Learners, and/or Sales IQ for each team member to discover who they are, what their strengths are, and why they behave like they do. Schedule an Individual Debrief for every member for personalized insights and confidential clarity. Then add a 60 minute Group Coaching session for your team to work better together.


Learning & Development, Training, Facilitation, and Coaching of your team?!


You don’t have to do it all! Save yourself time and money to devote more energy to the strategy and success of your organization.

6. Group Reports with CEO Debrief & Group Coaching

Struggling with your team?

Vent your frustration with your own CEO Debrief.

Add a Group Report for your team to see, read, and understand why they need to change.

Schedule a Group Coaching session to start the process of working smarter, not harder.

7. Our @WomensBizCoop Exclusive Strategic Plans

So you know that something’s not right? What is it?

  • Is it your image, look and feel of your organization?

  • Is your funnel stagnating due to technology changes?

  • Is there in-fighting, political conflict, and turnover on the rise?

  • Are your systems slowing down your delivery?

  • Is your business model out-dated?

  • Are your funding streams drying up?

It all affects the bottom line. Perhaps it’s all of the above?

You won’t know unless you honestly assess and plan your next steps.


8. Our @WomensBizCoop Strategic Plans with Individual Debrief

Can’t figure out why your Branding isn’t inspiring trust, Marketing lags, Culture is dysfunctional, Operations lacks consistency, Model is not profitable, and Funding is drier than a desert

Brainstorm on a 60 minute Individual Debrief to learn why your plan up until now hasn’t worked.

Need help in more than one area? Add from the Strategic Plans above.

9. Our @WomensBizCoop Exclusive Strategic Plan with Individual Debrief & Group Coaching

It’s time to get your team or department on board too. Buy a WBC Strategic Plan for each of the 6 areas to why your other Strategic Plans failed. Collaborate with every team member to understand each department. For the highest level leader, whether it’s a team leader, a senior level manager, a department chief, or a C-Level schedule an Individual Debrief to figure out why worked in the past is no longer functioning. Add a 60 minute Group Coaching session for each team in your organization to create a new plan that will finally work.

Make a plan that will actual reaches your goals and not the round metal file under your desk. Save yourself the heartache and time of repeating the past.

Verify any suspicions you may have. Brainstorm for new strategies. Fine tune your brand, marketing, culture, operations, model, and funding.

Don’t wait any longer. Start now.

Why stop at one? Improve as many areas as possible.