Looking to Turn Around Your Organization? Stretching to a New Apex? Need Strategy Consulting?

Why is the bottomline dropping?

Why is infighting on the rise?

Why is your organization stagnating?

Why are your systems breaking down?

How can you transform your organization from the inside out? Organizations are composed of 3 main factors: People, Time and Money.

People run your organization yet they aren’t working well together.  It’s too tough to strategically re-align your organization from the inside. You need an outside expert to get your teams going the right direction.

Additionally Time and Money, the overarching superheroes of our lives, asks of you, how do you effectively use your time and money? Are you on time and budget? Do you waste time and money? How can you can change your relationships with Time and Money?

In our Strategy Consulting sessions with WBC Coaches, we examine your leadership in organization. We go over the 4/5/10 and figure out what’s missing in your organization. We innovate systems to reach your goals. We hold you accountable. We get everyone singing on the same song sheet.

Where do you stand on the left or the right? Email us at info@womensbizcoop.com for your free organizational success chart to see which side you are on.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video about the value of  Strategy Consulting and Coaching with CEO Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt from Google.

Beginners Way Strategy Consulting & Coaching

Beginners Way Consulting Up to 1/2 hour weekly phone for 12 sessions

Middle Way Strategy Consulting & Coaching

 Middle Way Consulting Up to 45 minutes on the phone for 12 sessions  

Way of the Guru Strategy Consulting & Coaching

 Way of the Guru Consulting Up to 1 hour weekly on Zoom for 12 sessions  

Have An Ambitious Goal?

@WomensBizCoop offers a variety of Strategic Plans to help you obtain your nearly impossible goal!

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Figure out what’s going in your organization and reflect.

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