At our Women’s Business Coop, events are an opportunity to gather, share, and learn from other WBC members.

With online and in-person events, we hope hear from you at next #FounderFridays on the first Fridays of the month, at our WBC #AbundanceCircles in person and our special events.

Questions? Events are sold-out. Need tickets? Please contact us


No matter where you live, weekly on Fridays, @WomensBizCoop offers Free Group Meditation & Brainstorming for one hour!


For WBC members only, our #AbundanceCircles work similar to MasterMind Groups to inspire, motivate and empower each other. *WBC members can invite one guest per #AbundanceCircle.

Special Events

Occasionally, we offer WBC members last-minute lower-cost and complimentary tickets to special partner events around the country.


Whether you are a WBC member or not, we encourage you to meet and network with other entrepreneurs and leaders.

Currently we are expanding our Women’s Business Coop to 10+ different areas across the United States. See our Calendar of Events for a location near you.

Please let us know that you’d like to join our Special Events list for the latest deals in your neighborhood. Email us at