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Do You Believe That…?

  • You’d Rather Feel Safe Than Successful?
  • If You Get What You Want, You Could Lose IT?
  • You Are Limited by Your Comfort Zone?
  • You Are Convinced that You Can’t Make More?

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Are you overwhelmed by the thought that you are not getting what you want out of life?

If you start an organization, are you afraid that your peers will make fun of you and leave you alone?

Are you afraid to stand out and be disloyal to your friends, family and communities, to the point that they’ll no longer accept you?

Are you still in a stuck in rut at work and desire more from your life?

Are you frustrated by all the surprises of starting an organization?

Are you scared that something won’t work and it all depends on you?

What is your fear costing you?

What is your fear costing you?

Are you wasting time, money, and energy not doing what you want?

Are you wasting energy, time, and money not doing what you want?

Do you wish you knew who you could help in your community?

Do you dream of something better, but never take the next step?

Do you realize that you can automate your organization and still be you?

Do you know that help is always there for you, that you don’t have to do it all alone?

Say YES to you! @WomensBizCoop, there are resources to guide you, networks to support you, and programs to help you.

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Learn To Start A Business Or NPO
Do IT for yourself

What else needs to happen before you realize you can make your life better?

You know this job isn’t working for you. There’s high turnover and layoffs. No pension and no security.

UGH! You’ve got this nagging sense. You know you’re meant to run your own business or non-profit organization, but you’re scared that you don’t have enough life experience.

You desire to create your own financial security. You want more flexibility in your schedule to spend time with your friends and loved ones.

HMPH! It takes so much time to start an organization with no guarantee of payoff. It’s so much easier to stay where you are and deal with the daily crap than to jump into the unknown.

You don’t know who to turn to. You wish that there was a successful process. You are afraid to take the leap on your own.

What else needs to happen before you realize you can make your life better?

What if…?

What if you aren’t getting what you want in life and it wasn’t really about your job or home?

What if starting an organization is not about your friends, family, and community?

What if you were actually comfortable with being uncomfortable on your squeaky hamster wheel?

What if you knew that you could live an abundant life, full of passion, purpose, and prosperity, yet you didn’t take the chance?

What if you could work with a Top Woman Innovator that could help you uncover the truth of why you really haven’t stepped on your path?

What if your life didn't have to be this way?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Why stay stuck in the endless hamster wheel?


Your work is completely undervalued. You don’t see yourself getting that raise or promotion anytime soon.

You’re miserable at home. You’re snapping at your partner. You hate your job, your life. But you need the stability.

It’s too scary to leave this squeaky wheel. You’d rather be a hamster constantly running around until you drop dead.

NO, that sounds awful.

You want answers. You are seeking to express yourself to the world and find a greater sense of purpose on the planet. You are elated to leave a legacy for your future.

YES, you finally decide to make a decision for you and firmly plant a stake in the ground to start an organization.

Now who do you turn to?

“Today, women own 30 percent of all small businesses

—up from just five percent 40 years ago.”

Our @WomensBizCoop mission is to help women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ), and minority leaders to easily and successfully  start, launch, and manage an organization.

Join our 10s of thousands WBC members.

Our Women’s Biz Coop goal is to increase the percentage of women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, and minority-owned small businesses and non-profit organizations to 50% by the year 2034.

Join our 10s of thousands #womenentrepreneurs WBC members.

What does it really take to get what you deserve?

You don’t have to wait for perfection. You are in the right place at the right time! 

Who else could you assist with your new organization?

Who can help you take those next steps to get that next level?

Who will rub elbows with?

When will you make a decision to live a better life?

You can do life differently. (And actually enjoy it for a change.)

How can you create peace and security in your life?

You can be proud of yourself, even if you fail (this time.)

“There’s no failure, only feedback.” 

Chief Strategy Officer Retreat

Why Do We Do What We Do?

phl biz journalDear Achievers, Connectors, Dreamers and Organizers,

You might be wondering, who is this person? Why does she want to help me?

Many years ago, I had a vision. A vision of a center that helps people who are going through tough, transitional times. A safe place where all people can come get the help and support to step up into their leadership.

You know IT–that call to leadership. A lot of people have IT, but don’t know what to do, how to do IT, or when to start IT. It never feels like the right time. Sometimes they don’t have the people in their lives to help them with IT. Sure they have family, friends, and networks, but what if they aren’t willing to be there for them?

What if their family disowned them due to their sexual orientation?

What if the people in their lives are addicts and can’t help themselves, much less them?

What if their loved ones are against their desire to change their life for the better and drag them back down?

Sometimes society is against them. It hasn’t turned its back on them, not completely, but what if it’s not assisting them in the way they need to be?

What if they’re physically or mentally disabled?

What if they’re a minority confronted with institutional challenges?

What if they’re a woman in a country where they aren’t seen as equal?

How could I possibly know about these scenarios? Because I’ve been there… I was a disabled, pregnant housewife from New Jersey who was cheated on and left by my ex-husband, right when I was learning how to eat and walk again. I’d already lost friends due to my disability since I couldn’t really move and they didn’t make the effort to come see me. I was immobile and disconnected from my professional network too.

Desperately, I had turned to my ex-husband and parents for help and financial support… …and the answer was NO. No one was coming to save me.

I had to figure out on my own how I was going to not only survive, but step into my calling of becoming a leader as well.

Those times were dark. I was shaking with fear. I had a mountain of doubts. My hope was bleak. I didn’t know how I would make IT. It took almost a decade on the path to transform myself to where I am today.

Through those trials and tribulations, I discovered various healing techniques, modalities, and ways to help myself and others live a life that we all deserve.

Yet here I am as a living testimony. If I can do IT, you can do IT, too.

Many years and awards later, I now run “The Best Business Center” in Philadelphia, @WomensBizCoop as one of our “Minority Business Leaders”, transforming the minority business community (Philadelphia Business Journal).

Also, as one of the top woman innovators awarded (U.S. Department of Labor), I help tens of thousands of leaders transform their lives and organizations through our leadership system based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War. And now my vision is to scoop up all of you who don’t have the resources, network or information to step into your calling.

It’s my personal mission to help us heal, transform, and support us to become the best versions of ourselves, for ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Thank you for reading my story, becoming a WBC member, and sharing your own on our Private Abundance Network!

Yours in Service,

Judi Rhee Alloway (@JudiRheeAlloway)

Start saving time and money in starting your organization and create more opportunities.

Ask yourself 3 months from now…

Can you imagine what your new abundant life will be like –

free of time and money constraints?

Can you visualize to what new heights your organization scales and scopes?

 Can  you  see  who you’ll be able to  spend  more precious moments andtime with? 

Can you feel who you will serve as your supporters grow?

Can you grasp your day-to-day life filled with passion, purpose and prosperity?

Can you  picture yourself waking with with a huge smile?

Can you truly trust that you are building an automated system that works for you?

Can you sense how your life will change step by step?

Discover what you need to do to save time and money in starting your organization and create more opportunities.

Discover what you need to do to save time and money in starting your organization and create more opportunities.

We believe that everyone has the opportunity to turn her talents into profit.

Are you next?

The Women's Biz Coop has worked with World Bank Group, the United Nations, the U.S. Small Business Association, the Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Forbes, WeWork, and more!

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Is This You?

The Achiever?

“A Challenging & Empowering Experience! What I couldn’t do in 15 years, I accomplished with Judi and the Imagine Team in 3 months. It challenged me in tremendously good ways, teaching me the language of business, encouraging me to confront my limiting beliefs that were preventing me from moving forward, and empowering me to create a strong foundation from which I am starting my business. I highly recommend this class and process.”



The Connector?

“What growth and personal development! I’ve been thinking about you {Judi} and our session.  Since that day, I cleared a block that I’ve had for years and it seems like everything is flowing right, or should I say, I’m able to move with the flow of life…I know your coaching is effective and I am making sure that I have cleared the path to go on this journey.”


Entrepreneur with a Day Job

The Dreamer?

“Living My Dreams! Once again, I THANK YOU each and every one of you for being apart of such and whirlwind of a year for me and giving me the confidence to live my dreams! I remember how each of you believed in me and encouraged me to spread my wings and fly!” K

School Teacher & Non-Profit President

The Organizer?

“Creating a Strong Business Foundation. A lot of my struggles in starting a business were uniquely female and issues stemming from being an Asian woman, especially where I doubted myself, looked for others’ approval, instead of looking within myself. The SMBT program was structured in distinct parts in creating a strong business foundation.”


Coach & Writer

Don’t waste any more of your precious time and money!

Why are 10,000+ people joining our Women’s Biz Coop?

Other women’s business, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) and minority organizations cost hundreds of dollars annually for membership and events which are often a waste of time and money without getting what you need: entrepreneurship skills, expert advice, expansive network, executive coaching and funding.

At our @WomensBizCoop, we are dedicated to your success and helping you start, launch, and manage your business easily. Period. Become a WBC member today!

Transform yourself and your world.


Connect with us at our private Abundance network and #Abundance Circles.


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Learn from an award-winning “Industry Innovator” and “Top Woman Innovator” by the U.S. Department of Labor.


Figure out from our 12 Step Methodology on how to easily and smoothly manifest abundance in your life.

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