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Save your money. For members WBC only, available now Quick “How To” sheets, financial calculation worksheets and even customizable legal templates for over 60+ common business and non-profit situations. Coming soon discounted access to marketing, business, and strategy consultants, CPAs, lawyers, insurance and real estate agents!


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Save 10%  on exclusive WBC Assessments ($300) and Strategic Plans ($1,000): Brand, Marketing, Culture, Operations, Model, and Funding! Figure out where you are and what you plan to do next.

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Share your WBC Member News around the world. Post on our WBC Blog on www.womensbizcoop.com. Leadership development courses, access to online and in-person events, partnerships and alliances, and private message WBC members on Facebook!

Does this sound like you?

“Sometimes, I really don’t know what I am doing. There’s so much information. I don’t know who to turn to.”

“I spend all of my time putting out fires and my to-do list snowballs.”

“I’m working on ops and clients, when I need to work on new sales and generating revenue.”

“I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and can’t get ahead.”

We started Women’s Biz Coop for people like you, and here’s why:

As a former Director of a U.S. Small Business Administration-funded Women’s Business Center, we noticed that #womentrepreneurs LGBQT and underserved non-profit leaders didn’t have a convenient place available 24/7 to get sound advice, help another, and learn cut-to-the-chase reliable nuts and bolts information of starting, launching, and managing an organization. Many female, LGBQT and underserved business owners and non-profit leaders made very costly mistakes that took longer to correct and sapped their energy.

Like a coop, I pictured Women’s Biz Coop nourishingly member driven, hashing out details like sharing secret recipes, and connecting women-, LGBQT-, and people of color-owned businesses and non-profit organizations while drinking a cup of tea in front of your laptop.

Get what you need, when you want it, on your terms, and at your convenience.

Welcome to your place of inspiration, motivation and empowerment! Be Seen. Be Heard.

Welcome to our award-winning Women’s Biz Coop!! Become a WBC member today!

Don’t waste any more of your precious time and money!

Why are 10,000+ people joining our Women’s Business Coop?

Other women’s LGBQT and underserved business and non-profit organizations cost hundreds of dollars annually for membership and events which often are a waste of time and money without getting what you need training, advice and clients. At our @WomensBizCoop, we are dedicated to your success and to help you start, launch, and manage your organization easily. Period. Become a WBC member and start your new leadership journey now…


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