What are you Thinking about?

What are you Thinking about?

Where do I find info on starting and managing a business on a dime?


Researching about business?

Looking to expand your network?

Seeking to connect with other #womenentrepreurs?

Thinking of joining a community of #mompreneurs?

Need to know important deadlines, like when to pay taxes?

Searching for state-based government forms?

Want to learn more about business practices?

Looking for more information?




#StartMyBusinessToday Program

Overwhelmed about your calling to start a business or non-profit?

Looking for information, but there’s so much so much contradicting research.

Hoping to work with team who can help you launch your business or non-profit?

Searching for options that you can start a business in as little as 12 hours to 12 weeks?

Researching an effective step by step process to complete a #BankableBusinessPlan?

Would you like to test your idea in a network of over 1.5 million?

Seeking $10,000 in funding?

Where can I meet other entrepreneurs?


Meet with other #womentrepreneurs?
Want to practice your funding pitch?
Looking for workshops, training, and advice from experts?


Group Meditations?
Networking with other #womentrepreneurs?

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